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"Regardless of the gender situation and scenario, certainly I believe that she came there thinking that she was taking part in something which she was able to take part in."Now the political wranglings have turned the whole thing around, and in certain cases she's painted as a bad person and as a cheat.When that is the case, no abnormalities are noted and other types of tissues need to be analyzed.

Overnight the IAAF confirmed that it had received the preliminary results of the tests but said it was referring them to medical experts and there would be no decision until November at the earliest.In South Africa, the investigation into Semenya's gender has become a question of national pride and it is unlikely this dispute will be easy to solve.It is unclear whether the IAAF will now try to take back Semenya's gold medal.The chimerism arises in utero from the combination of an XX zygote and an XY zygote (which otherwise would have developed into twins) into a single embryo.Physical symptoms vary widely from individual to individual.

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