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Much of the conversation that usually surrounds these dolls when it’s discussed in the psychological community focuses on the reduced social skills these men will have when they are no longer forced to interact with other women in the dating scene.

In 2012, psychology student Sarah Hatheway Valverde of Cal Poly State University based her Master’s Thesis around understanding the makeup of this doll-owning population.

However, if advancements like Yamaha Vocaloid are any indication (see the video below of her singing in 2009), this area has more potential to advance a bit more quickly than the robotic balance limitations.

Still, the first generation Realbotix voice is nowhere near that quality, so it will likely be another year or two before the next generation heads feature a more realistic, human-like voice.

When he was sharing a bachelor flat with QPR team mate, fellow hell-raiser and constant friend Don Shanks, the landlord came knocking at the door.'Why are you here?Mc Mullen described it to the Times like this: The head will be able to blink, open and close its mouth, and she’ll be able to have a “convincing” artificially intelligent conversation, generating plausible dirty talk in response to whatever you’re doing.”How convincing is that conversation?If you view the Realbotix video above, even when Mc Mullen gets the robot to come up with the correct responses during the conversation, the voice still sounds tinny and mechanical.On June 16th, au published a feature article about the sex doll company Real Doll, which offers customizable dolls with skin, eyes, hair, and personality of your choosing.It’s almost as if the company is trying to transform their “sex dolls” into “love dolls”. An antisocial person who could never get a woman even if he was the last man on Earth.

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