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Make your 100% tax-deductible year-end gift to help us protect women and girls from sexual violence and to defend their rights to health care and to live and work free from discrimination in the workplace and schools.

Most pregnancy accommodations are likely to be low- or no-cost.

It also incorporates a numeric system, so everything from apps to drop-down menu options will be assigned a number you can say aloud to perform a task.

It's in beta right now, and although the application period has ended, the company says it should be released as a free Play Store app at some point in the future.

Many of the accommodations typically requested by pregnant workers are minor: sitting rather than standing, avoiding heavy lifting, and taking breaks to go to the bathroom, These are also the kinds of accommodations employers frequently provide to employees with disabilities.

Employers’ decades of experience accommodating people with disabilities shows that most accommodations for pregnant workers are likely to be low or no cost.

The app will let you open apps, scroll with voice commands, and select items onscreen.

"For example, you can say 'open Chrome' or 'go home' to navigate around the phone, or interact with the screen by saying 'click next' or 'scroll down,'" the company wrote in a blog post.

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