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If any radio station calls itself a trend setter, it must recognize this album and Charles Mingus. Mind you, I haven't seen too many good parties since I left my hometown. There were a lot of people and this little postage stamp of a dance floor, and nobody was dancing on it.

I'm also having a contest for my promotion men," he laughed, "first prize is they get to keep their jobs."Had Smith, in the course of running the company, ever discussed commercial direction with Mitchell? People go to parties here mostly to conduct business. These are all people who dance, in one way or another, in their acts. I didn't want to dance alone, so I asked a couple of people to dance with me and nobody would. So I went to the bathroom, and a girl came in and hollered to me from the sink over the wall, "Is that you?

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It's typical in this society that is so conscious of being number one and winning; the most you can really get out of it is a four-year run, just the same as in the political arena.

You have, possibly, one favorable year of office, and then they start to tear you down. My goals have been to constantly remain interested in the music. That's why this project with Charles [Mingus] was such a great opportunity. "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" was the one we decided on immediately.

So if your goals end at a platinum album or being king or queen of your idiom, when you inevitably come down from that office, you're going to be heartbroken. Here was a chance to learn, from a legitimately great artist, about a brand new idiom that I had only been flirting with before. Every year, when I've completed a project, I ask myself, "What am I going to do now? So there was this search for another one, and he played me a lot of material.

Then, in 1975, she released , her ambitious followup to ' Court and Spark.' She introduced jazz overtones, veered away from confessional songwriting and received a nearly unanimous critical drubbing.

Mitchell reacted to the criticism by keeping an even lower personal profile.

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