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UK-based Advanced Marine Services found a box containing up to four tons of valuable metal, believed to be gold from South American banks, in the post room of the SS Minden, which sunk in 1939.The gold was believed to be on board the ship and headed to Germany when the boat sank 120 miles southeast of Iceland on September 24, 1939, shortly after World War II began.The video starts with showing a timelapse video of the light display over the volcano, before a series of close up shots, taken from a helicopter flying just 1km above pulsing lava flow.Scroll down to watch the video Iceland’s largest volcanic system, which measures 118 miles across the country, has been hit by thousands of small tremors and eruptions over the last month, placing scientists on high alert.Only horny ass teens in love with dick posing nude and fucking for hours during some of the most exclusive and high rated casting videos.

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