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Run again the query to verify that a new statistics object for the Product ID column has been created.

Notice the value of the auto_created column which tells if the statistics were automatically created by the query processor.

Using the COLUMNS option of this statement will update column statistics only.

If your phone won’t turn on all the way like it should, or it boots up to its Samsung logo then freezes, or boots up to the Samsung logo then powers off and then powers back on until it gets to the Samsung screen again over and over or if your Samsung just doesn’t seem to want to power on correctly then don’t panic just yet, there is hope.

This is one of the more serious software problems that can occur on an Android smartphone and trying to fix it yourself, as you may already know, can sometimes be a challenge. Not all Android cell phones are designed to have a removable battery these days, which is unfortunate because batteries don’t last forever and when a battery starts going out on a cell phone it can be a real inconvenience trying to replace it when the phone isn’t designed to let you remove it yourself.

REBUILD statement, will update only index statistics with the equivalent of using WITH FULLSCAN.

Rebuilding indexes does not update any column statistics.

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