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This is probably too much, but since it’s a temporary user I don’t care about that. Log on to the Full Desktop using the temporary user to redirect the contents of the default Start Menu to the redirected Start Menu folder structure.

This is not a requirement, but was part of another experiment.

The folders we created however (Accessories and Extra) including the program links we copied there, are seen grouped by their folder name. The groups correspond to the folders in the redirected Start Menu folder structure.

You can rename these on the fly and your changes will reflect in the user’s session immediately should the need arise. Switch back to the Start Menu and add programs and groups to make it look like this: How to add program links to the Start Menu like this or how to group them and name those groups is not part of this guide and should be common knowledge for IT pros ;) Again, leave the temporary user logged on to the RDS Session.

I realized I left it there when I was almost done with documenting this post.

First things first, let’s prepare this environment for Start Menu redirection.

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