Internet dating business model

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Tags: Acquaintable, Blendr, Business Model, Clique, Crush Finder,, e Harmony, Entrepreneur, Facebook,, friendlylook, Good Crush, grindr, Hinge, How About We, Interview, i Would, Justin Mc Leod, Like Bright, market research, marketing,, okcupid, online dating sites, Social Media, Sparkology, target market, The Complete. ========================================================================= *\ Theme Custom Settings styles \* ========================================================================= */ /*!They force guys to choose more carefully, so, as Justin put it, “You have to stay in your league.” Then there’s variations on the theme, like Like Bright, which vouches for guys who are single, and The Complete.Me, which, when it launches, will pull from your social graph to get a picture of you and use that info to hook you up with other people.Grindr is doing great, but Blendr, which is for straight people, has not been successful.As Mc Leod pointed out, if you’re a guy, you can just look around you and see that there are 23 girls in the bar.Both of these sites are based on failed business models.Location-based dating sites only seem to be successful in the gay community.

So stay tuned – I’ll cover his startup, Hinge, when it launches.OKCupid, which was acquired by last year, uses a fun question-and-answer system to build up your profile, so it skirts the tedious survey required for a profile.It’s casual and free – but because of that, there are a lot of people using it who aren’t serious – and there are a lot of dead profiles.If you don’t have a sustainable business model or a market that responds to what you’re doing while still in alpha or private beta, well…luck with that.Take the”online match party,” which has been tried countless times (Good Crush out of Princeton, i Would out of Columbia Business School, Crush Finder).

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