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Let's not be narrow-minded, emo n ive never cut myself, i occansionally wear skinny jeans, i do have the stereotypical emo fringe but i wear it back an awful lot!

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It sucks how people portray me as that weird white kid, just because I've never really reacted to them being horrible and now they think I'm gonna get back at them lmao.

besides, they have to have brains to play sports bc if they fail, they're off the team. :)I agree with both comment #5, and also with the comments about it being a music genre.

Yes, I believe the stereotype is not true at all... Both are right - yes, this is a list of *stereotypes*, so there's no need to get your knickers in a twist because they're not accurately portraying you (I'm talking about you, comment #6) - it's almost as if you want to be emo!

The popular girls (the nice kind, not the bitchy kind) have been starting to invite me to events and talk to me at school.

My life seems to be getting better by the day and I might be 'normal' by the end of this school year.

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