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Tourists who consume alcohol at licensed venues in Dubai can be arrested for having alcohol in their system.

Most visitors are not aware of this fact and a number of British nationals have been caught out by this contradictory application of the law.

Mr Harron's version of events is that while the man showed no sign of agitation as Mr Harron and his friend passed, he later became very animated before the police appeared outside.

A spokesman for the prosecution service in Dubai confirmed the sentencing saying: 'On the drinking charge, he has been sentenced to a month in jail, fined 2,000 dirhams (£412) and will be deported.'His next appearance on the public indecency case is on October 22.'It is unclear whether Mr Harron is currently behind bars.

The security staff informed him that the manager was not available.'On strength of this, our employee deemed it necessary to call the police who then took corresponding measures.'The situation would not otherwise have been controllable, particularly as the drunk suspect still took an aggressive stance.'Calling the police served de-escalation of the situation.'After the police arrived, the suspect repeated the process several times (touching our employee's thigh ) in front of both police officers and explained that such conduct is commonplace in Europe.

As a result, the police arrested him.'With a certain distance from the incident and the punishment to be expected for the suspect, our employee decided to withdraw the complaint despite the harassment having been confirmed by several witnesses.'However, according to the typical laws for the country, this does not automatically result in the termination of the proceedings as, for example, very likely in England or Germany.'The reason why the suspect did not attend the hearing, as reported by the media, and should now be imprisoned is not known by us.'Furthermore - if security had intervened correctly or the suspect had not behaved incorrectly - this complaint would never have arisen.' Neuman & Esser is a global corporation which produces machinery for other companies within the oil and gas industry, as well for renewable energy and and food firms.

Along with Mr Junqueras, deposed Catalan interior minister Joaquim Forn and the leads of two civic groups ANC and Omnium Cultural, were also kept in prison.

Spanish authorities levels charges of rebellion, sedition, and the misuse of public funds against ministers of the Catalan government after they called an independence referendum on 1 October.

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