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But heck, they say, so what if a guy killed himself and wrote some strange words on the wall. But there are also a few amenities they didn't count on, like a multitude of vaguely menacing cats.Plus the apartment comes equipped with its own sexy succubus--not what every wife would want for her husband.Jeff Fahey leaves behind the virtual reality of "The Lawnmower Man" to star in a film that places him in yet another dangerous realm: a "Serpent's Lair." Fahey plays a man who cannot resist temptation. The following review can be found at the IMDb entry for this film in the external links below: Here we have one of those nice young couples who have found the apartment they've been searching for, only it has a sinister past. After the sexual encounter, however, he finds himself on the cusp of madness, and locked in a fray with Satan himself!Larry's bespectacled, obsessed with computers and a bit too fond of a drink and a smoke for his own health, though to be fair, there's a good reason for that: his refusal to use his research for military means sees his project reach an abrupt dead end. "Your chimp's dead." Thereafter, Larry spends long hours in his basement, adrift in the psychedelic virtual space of his own making. " Larry's wife Caroline scolds, clearly irked by the pleasure he takes in his lone VR pursuits. Too impatient to wait, Caroline throws the script down, grabs her coat and disappears forever.And then he gets the phone call from his crisply-suited colleague Timms (Mark Bringelson) informing him of the monkey business at the lab. If you had to recite lines like this, you'd probably do the same: "I'm not going to become a recluse just for you. Not this artificial reality." he's a shadowy corporate type who's known solely by the name of Mr Director.And while this may yet come to pass - Oculus Rift has recently seen VR back in the news - we're no nearer to having our daily lives transformed by it than we were 20 years ago. It has virtual reality helmets, Pierce Brosnan in white shorts, those spinning aerotrim gyroscope things you don't see very much anymore, gratuitous sex scenes, and lots of once novel computer graphics.

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Mit seinem neuen Auftrag bricht Charlie Pike (JEFF FAHEY) jedoch ein Tabu: Der Einzelgänger, der den Personenschutz der attraktiven Jordan (YANCY BUTLER) übernommen hat, verliebt sich in die Frau, die er beschützen soll.This particular lawnmower belongs to Jobe Smith (Jeff Fahey).A wide-eyed young man with an unspecified learning disability, Jobe spends his days gardening with kindly boss Terry (Geoffrey Lewis) who's afflicted by every Irish stereotype you can think of ("You can hear the pan pipes of the little people in the grass there! In the evenings, Jobe sleeps in a shed owned by Terry's brother Father Francis Mc Keen (Jeremy Slate) who's one of those violently devout religious types you often see in the movies.It's then that we realise that the opening sequence is largely seen from the perspective of a chimpanzee.And that the chimpanzee appears to be dressed in a The Robo Cop outfit consists of a computer-augmented headset, which allows the chimp to play virtual reality games which, along with a course of injections, somehow expand his intelligence.

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