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I informed the mayor I was more than happy to follow the original remedy we discussed and agreed to. IN CAMERA (unable to discuss anything that happened) I contacted a lawyer in Vancouver who came highly recommended as one of the top lawyers dealing with civic affairs. MURDY informed me he did not feel they had a leg to stand on using the city’s Respectful Workplace Policy, he aptly pointed out the matter did not happen in the workplace.There were a couple of other small points, he compiled a letter to the city and their solicitors and we waited. I would like to note here, I was not in a financial position to fight a prolonged legal battle with the city.

The mayor returned to his office and told me if I was willing to do the following three directives the whole mess would disapper. I was hoping by doing so we could avoid a huge rift in the council chambers. Upon the completion of the council meeting I asked the offended councilor if I could speak with him in private.

The first Saturday of every month in the White Rock library. I informed the mayor I would not be stepping aside.

When in fact if I stepped aside, the White Rock Sun would no longer exist.

As we entered into the council chambers that evening, I walked over to the mayor and asked if I might speak to him in his office.

I asked the mayor if a portion of the original editorial was removed would this make this whole matter disappear and stay out of the public eye?

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