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He says, "I was freaked out by the kind of seedy free rooms for a young woman, and I wanted to put something out there, for someone who might be stuck." Despite a number of responses, Matthew chose not to let the room.He says he heard from "prostitutes who wanted to work from the room, people with mental health issues, and people who were flaky." I wonder if Matthew thinks the women he hoped to help were wary, assuming he'd want sex in lieu of rent? Matthew seems genuine, but when I follow up the next day to ask why it was only women he wanted to help (surely young men face similar dangers? Rick is offering a room in zone 3, for up to two months, for £30 a week.Does he hope it would develop into a physical relationship?He says, "I’d be fully open to it." Rick has had no responses to his ad."It’s £800-£1,000 a month rent they're getting for free.I'm quite generous and they usually don't have the sort of knickers I would want — it means they get a whole new selection." Joe interviews prospective tenants alone, and if he likes them, there's a group interview with his housemates — only one of whom knows the criteria for the tenancy.I ask Joe if he specifies what he wants in the gusset — are skid marks welcome? "Erm yeah, nothing when she's on the time of the month and everything else is fine." There have been about 20 responses to his most recent ad, and three previous tenants who stayed three months, five months, and one month each ("she was interning").

By the looks of things on this dodgy site, I'm one of the only normal, genuine guys on here." Another poster, offering a room for two weeks, claimed he wanted nothing in return: "Too good to be true? You decide." I decided to take him up on this, and responded to his ad, as well as several others.In categories like 'sub-lets and temporary' rooms are advertised for free (or minimal rent) in exchange for whatever arrangement pops the poster’s cork.One guy is offering free accommodation to a "young female to help me have a baby".Identifying myself as a journalist, I asked the men behind the Craigslist ads if they'd be willing to speak to me.Matthew, one of the guys who claims to want nothing back, agrees to a chat on the telephone.

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