Leo star sign compatibility chart for dating

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Characterized by the element of fire, they like to laugh and find a good time in life.They take the initiative to solve tricky situations with the help of their intelligence.Many continue to remain read more ┬╗Vaishno Devi, fondly called Mata Rani and Vaishnavi, is the manifestation of Maa Shakti.This Divine mother, popularly known as Maa Vaishno, is a combined avatar of three Shakti, i.e.Their flamboyance and personal magnetism extends to every facet of their life.Sign Leo is ruled by the star Sun - A large constellation of night sky.They aspire for loyalty and once it is there, they offer generosity, warmth and compassion.

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However, you'll deny this until you're blue in the face, and will probably blame everyone else for your outbursts of temper. Something is bugging you and it's making you quietly furious.It takes a year to orbit around 12 signs of Zodiac.Classically it is depicted as planet of vitality, energy and creative power.Leo Love and Marriage Horoscope Passionate Leos are very sincere when it comes to relationships.They can clearly express their feelings and needs to their partners.

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