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Presley's attorney, Amjad Khan, says his team is ready for this defense, telling "We recognize that Siegel will respond by attempting personal attacks on Ms.

If you are looking for someone with a good heart and loves to laugh and share her heart..that is welcome in my life..... I need wide open spaces with room to make my big mistakes, cuz I'll make them. Songs move me to tears, as do movie, people's life stories. I am funny, snarky, attractive, smart, insecure, and kind.

Happiest when I'm outside riding just about anything - bicycles, dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, sharing amazing food experiences, traveling, chilling with friends, listening to live music, playing pool, day trips to the mountains or walking in the woods. I did that for 22 years and will not do that ever again. I do work overnights, but do have daytime awake time so let’s have fun 😎 Long walks on the beach or one of any NYs hiking trails, maybe a day trip upstate to check out the mansions or the great antique stores are some of my fave things. I dance, in the grocery aisles, and ALWAYS in my car!

It was in 1994, Brokop signed with Patriot Records, a label owned by Liberty Records and released her second album Every Little Girl's Dream in both Canada and the United States.

An independent, creative, playful culinary adventurer with an above average palate.

And since I've always fantasized about being with another woman I thought it might be time for reality. After being diagnosed with HSV 10 years ago, I stopped being intimate with other women because of the shame around my diagnosis. I am also a passionate love maker and am great in the bedroom.

I am hoping that this site will be an easier and more comfortable way to meet people. I am looking for a woman that understands my situation and is interested in ME! I am Catholic and while I don't attend services I do pray daily.

, the daughter of Elvis Presley is about to file a lawsuit against her former business manager, Barry Siegel, who she says blew all the money she inherited from her famous father!

The suit claims Siegel sold 85% of her interest in her father's estate, aka Elvis Presley Enterprises, and gave the money to investor Robert F. Sillerman — who lost it when the investments went belly up.

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