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The files were uploaded to hard disk through the courtesy of Flycode, Inc.

More recently, Prelinger films have been digitized and uploaded by Skip Elsheimer at AV Geeks.

Can you point me to resources on the history of ephemeral films? The Prelinger Archives films are held in original film form (35mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm, and various obsolete formats like 28mm and 9.5mm).

Why are there very few post-1964 movies in the Prelinger collection? Films were first transferred to Betacam SP videotape, a widely used analog broadcast video standard, on telecine machines manufactured by Rank Cintel or Bosch.

Most were encoded at 480 x 480 pixels (2/3 D1) or 368 x 480 (roughly 1/2 D1).

The encoder drops horizontal pixels during the digitizing process, which during decoding are interpolated by the decoder to produce a 720 x 480 picture.

The workstation is a 550 MHz PC with a Future Tel NS320 MPEG encoder card.

Are there restrictions on the use of the Prelinger Films?We encourage your support of your local library, and the essential services your library's professional staff can provide in person.Local libraries are still an irreplaceable resource!Societies have always placed importance on preserving their culture and heritage. When you want to find all of the items assigned a certain license by an uploading party, you'll plug their abbreviation for it into this search query: . So the search engine does not have the text of books, individual file metadata or embedded metadata. Do I need to inform the Internet Archive and/or Prelinger Archives when I reuse these movies?But much early 20th-century media -- television and radio, for example -- was not saved. On there is an "Advanced Search" link just below the search input field. The AND tells the search engine all the items returned should have that license AND they should contain the word dog. Just to make it easier, here are the basic searches: • Public Domain • Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives (by-nc-nd) • Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) • Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc) • Attribution No Derivatives (by-nd) • Attribution Share Alike (by-sa) • Attribution (by) How do I sort search results The "SORT BY" bar has options to allow you to control which results are displayed, in what order and what "view": How do I search just within a collection? For advanced boolean search you can use "AND collection:[IDENTIFIER]" in your query. For most search results pages you can choose the view in the "Sort by" bar; Tile view (the icon with three rectangles) or List view (the icon with multiple lines.) Tile view is the default view. How can I get access to stock footage from these films?

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