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Thus, the majority of what permeates the web regarding Microsoft and mobile are personal assessments based on sparse information and the state of affairs at the time of writing.

And though most of what's written are based on the same data, it's filtered through the perspective, subjective perceptions and analytical aptitude of individual writers. Weather is a of weather conditions over a long period.

For example, when Corporate Vice President of Operations Joe Belfiore recently confirmed Windows 10 Mobile had no future, most people rashly and mistakenly stated that Belfiore confirmed that Microsoft was done with mobile.

Of course, under the consistent deluge of bad news about Microsoft and mobile, to those who see things from a news-to-news basis, assertions that Microsoft was done with mobile and early descriptions of what has since been revealed as Project Andromeda likely seemed delusional.

Furthermore, it's clear that the company's efforts have failed.

Despite these realities, the company's overarching and decades-old mobile strategy, to bring a telephony-enabled mobile device with the full power of Windows to market has remained unchanged.

Now consistent with the reactive nature of the Windows and mobile narrative those who were convinced Microsoft had no mobile strategy are now discussing Project Andromeda - Microsoft's mobile strategy. With a story as dynamic as Windows-on-mobile, we all need a big-picture perspective. But if a person has big picture view, he can fit "news" within that context and give readers a consistent rather than (and often changing) message.

Sadly, most Windows-on-mobile coverage has been reactive and as a result, inconsistent.

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