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: Guess which set of cock & balls that I enjoyed this past week. : This past week, I amused Myself with sissy roxy including taking measurements as well as doing a video update which is posted on the Video Gallery below.

I have eye candy below and in the next 24 hours I will even be adding some video so keep an eye out.

Can you see the 22g x 4in needles crossing thru his cock head? : This past week, I amused Myself a bit with a few phone sessions including one with a worthless cock sucking sissy that I will eventually be taking his bits.

Of course during the phone session, I enjoyed Myself with ice inside his cunt and needles into all his sensitive areas.

The biggest question always asked is how long a Fuckable Twat can last.

The longest one of My created twats has lasted is 4 days.

: Being so close to Halloween, I just had to have a bit of fun by infusing sub sam's scrotum with 1000cc's of saline to create My Great Pumpkin. I even have eye candy below as well as on the Video Gallery.The curiosity that I have had for years involves an ancient medical method of bloodletting that involves leeches. : If you've peeked at My eye candy below before reading My words, you will notice I enjoyed fetishist w this past week. As you can tell, I had an amazing evening with sub jason with plenty of eye candy below as well as on My Video Gallery. : As you can see from below, I have been enjoying using My anal speculums on fetishist w's tight ass.Perhaps sometime soon I will buy a few and begin to explore. LOL : For those that has been emailing about sissy roxy's visit this past week asking if I injected again, you will be thrilled to know that I did indeed inject again. Since I also took video of My afternoon with him, I will be posting some videos in the next couple of days. Of course I also enjoyed him a few others ways and yes, I even have eye candy below to share including videos.Keep in mind that during those 4 days, there was no erections.The amount of time depends on the lack of an erection clearly.

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