Love and dating customs in romania

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As the wedding customs seem to still have reminisces of the times when marriages were not usually based on love but on arrangements, there is another tradition that the bride’s mother would cook a chicken and the godfather of the married couple must buy it from her with money.

As many might imagine, this is a tradition reminding of old times when a bride was a very important „possesion”.At a given hour, the groom comes to her house to take his wife to church. There is a tradition that the best man would symbolically shave the groom with a knife before the ceremony.The young men arrive at the bride’s house with pine trees which are left at the gates for luck.And considering the number of traditions that are still present in Romanians’ everyday lives, this may not be such a cliché.From rainmaking to leaving gifts by the window for the fate fairies, discover the most popular Romanian customs, a true gateway to the country’s culture.

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