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My experience on this website is that there are many both real Chinese women really look for life-partners & dishonest scammers that are only interested to cheat lots of your money. To begin with, before you even want to use this website to look for life-partner, you really MUST ask yourself honestly on whether this website really suit you in the very first place, before you even use it for your objective : Firstly, the ladies from Asiame are not from your countries, like the Chinese ladies are nearly all in China.However, Asiame website really charge a lot of money from its users, so if you are not careful & lack self-control in its usage, you will waste lots of money without gaining anything. So to meet them , you either have to go to China & spend many days in there to spends lots of money & time to meet them, or you try to get your interested Chinese ladies from China to come to your country to meet you. Secondly, most of the Chinese ladies in Asiame are believed to have rather high demands for their husband due to their high educational backgrounds & high income earnings, when you look at their profiles in the Asiame website.This site was recommended by one of my friends,and it is pretty good.The hot girls on site are nice and are willing to make friends.My friend married a Chinese girl last year, and they live happily.Thats the first reason why I became a member of this site. I haven't found the one, but I'm still waiting.

I have found friendship from, so far I cannot complain.If the answers are all NO from you honestly, better as well drop the whole idea of looking for wife in China, or any Asian nations.Then you better as well join the local match agencies & dating groups near your home, or in your state that cater for men to look for wives within their own hometown, or state.And I didnt want to hang out with friends or make new friends, so online seemed to be my only option.She was really sweet and I felt better little by little after having a camshare with her and we talk almost every day. One of my friends used to hang on dating site to have some fun, he always talked to a couple of girls, and just to enjoy the time chatting with them. The day I logged in on chnlove, I was really trying to find a cute Chinese girl.

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