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She also speaks about user behaviour, saying that people often judge potential dates based on their online personas, rather than their offline personalities.

Lim mentions a Lunch Actually study of 700 singles, which revealed that 36% of men asked easily lost interest in the women they had met online before meeting with them in person.

It was in these jobs that the idea for a professional dating service came about.

She went “On the Record” with Bharati Jagdish about low marriage and high divorce rates in Singapore, making her own marriage work and how the dating industry has evolved.

CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually Violet Lim recently spoke to The Middle Ground about the platform, the dating market in Singapore and how players such as Tinder and Happn have impacted on the company.

In the interview, Lim explains that competition within the dating market is a good thing, as it gives the company the chance to “evolve” and offers singles more opportunity to meet someone online.

Lim: The rest of their tenants were lawyers, bankers and management consultants. Bharati: Did you get the wrong kind of customers at first?

But I would say that now, people are getting a lot more open.

Now we have people who send us their wedding photos, so if you go to our website, you will see there are actually quite a number of couples who are very happy for us to just put their wedding photos up.

Violet Lim: I did quite a number of attachments at law firms.

So I made known to my boss then that I was interested in family law, so he brought me to court for divorce cases and he let me read all the case files. It was a legal letter that we wrote for a client and it said: “I'm writing on behalf of my client to inform you to pick up your son at 3pm on some date at school.”Bharati: This was the ex-wife and ex-husband talking to each other. And I was just thinking to myself that it’s so sad that a relationship has broken down so much that you can't even just tell that to each other.

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