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” A massive database of text was pulled from the news source, recast as a vector space, and queried for word associations.When you ask “man is to computer programmer as woman is to…”, the response is “homemaker.” Major tech companies are investing heavily in AI intended to fundamentally transform how we live.But for minorities and disadvantaged groups, transformation won’t improve their lives if existing human biases just get carried over to new computing paradigms.One way to combat unintended biases in AI is to make datasets more diverse and inclusive.

One of the disputants speaking to CNN said he demanded a refund specifically because he discovered that the ‘women’ messaging him on the site were bots.

Take Tay, for example, the infamous AI developed by Microsoft’s technology, research, and search engine teams.

Tay (acronym for “Thinking About You”) was designed not only to learn dynamically from human interactions but also to simulate the linguistic abilities of a “typical” American female in her late teens.

Able to engage all the denizens of Twitterverse, Tay replied to tweets, composed image captions, and rapidly evolved into the worst iteration of a human being within hours.

Tay — who was originally envisioned as a friendly teenage girl — experienced just enough of the real world to The Tay debacle was a mind-boggling and eye-opening experiment on the dynamics between machine learning, culture, language, and social interaction.

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