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I meant 75 percent of all women players are fat, lazy pigs!” To this, Navratilova retorted, laughing, “I’d like to punch his lights out!Martina and I were like night and day; it transcended tennis.” The legendary player opines that great rivalries, in individual sport, bring in more people, more fans and more interest.

The same sort of vulnerability perhaps pervades Maria Sharapova’s game and psyche when she plays her nemesis, Serena Williams.

She was named one of the ’30 Legends of Women’s Tennis’ by .

With her striking good looks, Sharapova has done a large number of modelling assignments and endorsements, and was the highest paid female athlete in the world between 20.

In the early 1990s, Dutch tennis star, Richard Krajicek put his foot in his mouth when he said that 80 percent of women’s tennis players were ‘fat, lazy pigs’.

When challenged, he said, “I am sorry that was exaggerated.

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