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This is obviously quite capable of blowing out any real/surreal love situation already in motion or manifesting synchronicity that seems a little over the top. But Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio is also a brilliant aid to investigations and art or creative enterprises.Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio at birth is a real piece of work and clearly just beyond cool vibe.

In short, they tend to become unstoppable, especially if aided by boosters such as Jupiter or Pluto.Neptune will turn direct at 11 degrees Pisces on November 22nd. Saturn in Sagittarius has squared Neptune for many months.During this period, Saturn has grounded Neptune and allowed it to be defined. We know we’re being misled (Neptune), say by the press or by what is being published (Sagittarius).The Shadow Side of Masculinity Unless your natal Mars or Saturn happens to be well placed (in Capricorn, for example), hard aspects between them tend to be experienced in their shadow form, at least in the beginning.In their shadow form, Saturn suppresses Mars, and Mars wounds Saturn.

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