Memoirs of a dating dad

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"Most of us have an urge, maybe more as we age, to circle back to the past and touch the places and things of childhood. Songs exploded from his head.""If you want to keep a memory as is, you carve it into a story.Its not only keeping the content, its keeping the feeling alive.The paper was full of news of grouse-shooting and yacht regattas, issued by the Ministry of Information to cheer the troops.

He greets her from his bed — his favourite place to work.Hearing their accounts, Anita writes: ‘I lay there wishing I could vomit mentally.’They arrive in Berlin, and Anita soon finds herself picking wild flowers from the ruins to decorate the table for the 11th Hussars dinner.She goes into the Reich Chancellery, with its ‘smashed marble hall deep in rubble’ — and a Russian officer gives her a piece of brocade from Hitler’s chair and some of Hitler’s own notepaper headed with the Eagle and Swastika, on which she writes a jolly letter to her family.For happily single Anita it was neither, but rather a thirst to do her bit for the war effort and to learn about the world.Learn about the world she certainly did: the best and the very worst of it.

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