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The digital revolution profoundly transformed our societies and redistributes the cards of power.The US lawyer Bernard Harcourt analyzes this evolution through its competence, desire, and paves the way for a critic through disobedience. [podcast] Many authors have stressed that the main merit of Michel Foucault was ridding us of the very idea of truth. He mobilizes Nietzsche to reaffirm the fundamental difference between what is true and what is believed true.”, Revista centroamericana de Ciencas de la Salud, 3, January-April 1976, pp. It covers, among others, the theme of the commitment of the philosopher, he returns to his social origins and questions the power of right to speak.197-209; and in Spanish as “ La crisis de la medicina o la crisis de la antimedicina”, Educacion Medica y Salud, 10(2), 1976, pp. The version in Dits et écrits, (Paris, Gallimard), vol. 40-58 is a retranslation of the Portuguese back into French. It’s an introduction to a week of classes that Foucault presented at the College of France.Kioupkiolis, Alexandros - Aristotle University, Greece [2012] The agonistic turn of critical reason: Critique and freedom in Foucault and Castoriadis In: European Journal of Social Theory, 15(3): 385-402.Olivier, Lawrence / Noël, Roger [1993] Michel Foucault: problématique pour une histoire de l’homosexualité In: Revue sexuologique / Sexological Review 2(1).The collection of secondary literature about Fromm comprises papers previously published in the “ Yearbooks of the Erich Fromm Society“ or that were printed in the “ Fromm Forum”. Garfinkel demonstrates why common understandings cannot possibly consist of a measured amount of shared agreement among persons on certain topics.

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3, 75th year, 1964; they first appeared together under the present title in the volume Ohne Leitbild (Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1969), 89-93. Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Leben, in: Gesammelte Schriften 4. Congress Paper, Goethe Institut and University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. [1981] Omnes et Singulatim: Towards a Criticism of Political Reason In: The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, edited by Sterling Mc Murrin, pp. 197-209; and in Spanish as “ La crisis de la medicina o la crisis de la antimedicina”, Educacion Medica y Salud, 10(2):152-70, 1976.Duschinsky, Robbie / Adey, Kate Lampitt [2014] Truth, purification and power: Foucault’s genealogy of purity and impurity in and after The Will to Know lectures In: European Journal of Social Theory, 17(4): 425-442.Hansen, Magnus Paulsen - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark [2016] Non-normative critique: Foucault and pragmatic sociology as tactical re-politicization In: European Journal of Social Theory, 19(1): 127-145.He also gives his opinion on the political situation in the Eastern bloc and the capitalist world and is considering a takeover of power by the masses.Bartmanski, Dominik - Yale University, USA [2012] How to become an iconic social thinker: The intellectual pursuits of Malinowski and Foucault Dominik Bartmanski In: European Journal of Social Theory, 15(4): 427-453.

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