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If you can help with any information please contact uk.Hospital Ward World War One: The photo below is marked The Corporal of the Ward The image below is marked At The Old Oak Tree.Having copied the picture and played with it a bit it may well be that the soldiers in the picture were actually on a day at the ranges sharpening up their small arms skills and live firing.I courted a young Scottish nurse who was stationed at the BMH at one time.The following and that at the top are from the collection of Lance Corporal Andrew Joseph Bowen of the 6th Manchesters, a TA regiment.He was injured at Gallipoli in June 1915 where he lost an eye and was a patient at Colchester Hospital in 1917 and other times.It is situated in Fingringhoe village just outside Colchester on the road to West Mersea.During my time based on Colchester with 3RRF in the 70s there was and I still believe is a firing range at Fingringhoe which dates back to that period and maybe well before that too.

One reader has kindly added some information: I'm afraid I cant be terribly specific but the term old oak tree may well relate to an ancient oak tree reputedly 650 years old.

This was replaced with a fine looking red brick hospital in 1896.

The photograph of Colchester Military Hospital below is of that era.

His son recalls that they lived in the Hospital Mansion to the right of the Hospital just next to the nurses quarters.

Col Reid received the OBE for his efforts at the Hospital and was credited with upgrading and opening the Hospital up to civilians.

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