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Whats App Messenger is available for almost all mobile operating systems like Android, i OS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. I hate typing on mobile phones, I always prefer physical keyboard over touch screen keyboards.However, there is no Whats App for PC and web based chat client or software is not available for computer. So when I’m using the computer I always wanted to use Whats App on the computer to chat with friends.If you Strike on your first throw, you will get two more throws; or, if you Spare on your second throw, you will get one more throw.The maximum score you can reach in one game (also known as a "Perfect" game) is 300 points.Although you do not have to apply spin to bowl well, Pogo™ Bowl simulates part of real-life Bowling by allowing you to add spin to your shot.However, unlike real Bowling, you can impart spin on the ball at any time after you've thrown the ball (but before it impacts with the pins).Be the king of the lanes in Pogo Bowl, a free online bowling game. Pogo™ Bowl provides a simple but powerful interface to make your shots.

Click on that arrow until you can't click on it anymore.I just bowled 16 consecutive strings and not 1 gold pin. While you are on the home page, hold down the CTRL key and press the Zero key (above the letter P on your keyboard) at the same time. Some looked like they were gold but registered as silver. How can I get the badge (6 gold pins) if the gold pins either don't appear or are not registering. Move the pointer to the desired location and release the mouse button to initiate the throw.The faster you move the mouse and release the mouse button, the faster your throw will be.

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