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My wife and I visited her mother a few times a year. Within this short period she came 3 or 4 more times and she came hard. Finally was I ready to shoot, I withdrew my cock and directed it towards her face! She was laying on the bed naked with legs widespread.My wife is very close and friendly with her mom, so we always find a way to visit her mom who lives alone. she opened her mouth and a heavy jet of cum flew out of my shaft and landed on her face from her forehead to the chin, then, again and again, spurts kept falling all over that sluttish face! She was looking at me horny and said: “I’m so horny I want your cock now. ” I was a bit nervous because I just spent the last half an hour on fucking her mom, and had no idea if I could get that cock hard quick enough. This was the reason why I did not let you cum inside me the last few times we had sex." "Mom... I'm ready for it, So yes Mom, I will." Jennifer had tears in her eyes as she returned a deep kiss. I love you so much." Both fell silent after they said their words, but that did not stop their passionate love making. I want your child, fuck Mommy hard and cum deep inside of me, mark and impregnate my fertile womb with your thick potent semen! After that she could feel her son's semen slowly leaking out of here well fucked pussy.

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Sylvia took care of him while his mother attended to her studies. "Let me fuck you Mom, please let me fuck you now." "Eager, aren't we? You are making me so wet baby; can you see it dripping down to my tight little asshole? Is Mommy better than those bitches that tried to go out with you?

This went on for what felt like an eternity, something that they both did not mind as they made love in every position possible.

You really thought of everything today..." "I did... Mother and son were in perfect sync with each other, each trust that Chad made was met with Jennifer's body slapping against his. Cum with me, cum together with me and let me impregnate you!

At the age of sixteen his mother got pregnant with him after her boyfriend at that time managed to knock her up. " "Oh yes Mom, oh yes." "Look at my nipples sweetie, they already are so hard for you, will you play with them? " "Mhmmm, look at the precum coating your boxers baby, did Mommy get you that excited? Go ahead." Chad took a chair and sat down in front of his mother sporting a massive erection, he again could hear the rustling of clothes again. Mhmmm, she is the only other person that I would allow to be 'close' with you." Chad gulped at her honesty. Let Mommy show more of herself to you..." "Oh Chad, baby, yes, look at me like that. " Chad had reached his limit, he was breathing heavily and his cock leaked precum everywhere.

He demanded her to take an abortion but Jennifer refused, saying that she would give her child all the love it deserves. " "Definitely Mom..." "And my pussy is so wet baby, can you see how moist it is? "Go ahead dear, open your eyes and enjoy the view..." Again, he did as she told. " "Mom, it always is a sight to behold your beauty. You and Gran of course, no one else comes close to the two of you! Look at me with those lust filled eyes." "Mom your pussy is so beautiful, it's so juicy, tight and cute.

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