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Now an international movement, Mormonism is characterized by a unique understanding of the Godhead, emphasis on family life, belief in continuing revelation, desire for order, respect for authority, and missionary work.Mormons also obey strict prohibitions on alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea and promote education and a vigorous work ethic.

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Moroni told him about engraved golden plates buried in a nearby hill.Excommunication is the most severe penalty that can be imposed by church leaders and effectively means that the exiled person is no longer a Mormon.Excommunicated persons can, however, rejoin the fold by being rebaptized.Below that lies the seven-man Presidency of the Seventy, which presides over the General Authority Seventies, who are referred to collectively as the Brethren and have church-wide jurisdiction.Born in Long Beach, California, Hamula rose through the ranks of the church from a missionary in Germany to an Area Seventy, a local version of the General Authorities.

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