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All information found in this book has been compiled with utmost attention to detail.

However, this does not guarantee complete accuracy.

This guide does The Linux kernel itself offers means to examine every nut, bolt and screw of the system.

This part introduces you to System Tap, a scripting language for writing kernel modules that can be used to analyze and filter data.

This manual introduces you to means to monitor and analyze your system.

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A trademark symbol (®, ™ etc.) denotes a SUSE or Novell trademark; an asterisk (*) denotes a third party trademark.

Generally it is not possible to ship a distribution that will by default be optimized for all kinds of workloads.

Due to the simple fact that different workloads vary substantially in various aspects—most importantly I/O access patterns, memory access patterns, and process scheduling.

Every SNMP agent maintains an information database describing the managed device parameters.

The SNMP manager uses this database to request the agent for specific information and further translates the information as needed for the Network Management System (NMS).

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