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The Dalai Lama’s public Kalachakra rituals are organized and attended like rock concerts.

Few devotees pass up the opportunity, and then they’re supposed to view the officiating lama as a tantric guru.

A less public, more insidious, danger is the disciple’s private decision to avoid seeing the guru’s human failings.

When the facts of life are incompatible with your spiritual practice, you’re headed for bitter disillusion.

He said they were old friends.” Younger monk (frowning): “There must be another reason.Tantric lore and even contemporary Tibetan history are rife with invisible demons and magical happenings. Lamas are routinely referred to as a living buddhas, especially if they’re wealthier, smarter or better-connected. The Tibetan language itself has different vocabularies for speaking up to a superior, across to a peer or down to an inferior.The everyday name for is, ‘low-born.’ Although many devotees bury their doubts and questions, the tantric scriptures do not demand it.If you doubt, question or reject that, you’re cut off from your source of spiritual advancement now and in future lifetimes, where you’ll suffer countless rebirths in tantric hell.Is your guru devotion a truerelationship, or just a dependency?

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