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Exactly what "parity of esteem" was sticking in the monks/priests craw. LOL But in the heel of the hunt, they will drop their knickers for a Saudi dollar.Sharia law, Cannon law and pieces of meat for sale get priority over women's rights! LOLPeter Navarro (US trade council) *Germany is one of the worst actors in promoting Eurozone deflationary currency".

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Ireland's most-listened-to radio station: the only national station with over 1 million listeners. Ascot tips for this afternoon: 1.50 MONBEG RIVER ... 26% growth Cayman Ireland and 25% growth Germany has sickened Italy.....Tom Maguire booming the ball so sweetly down the fairways in Mount Temple the echo can be heard here in La Gomera as can John Creedon's lilting Cork accent floating acroos the waves from one Atlantic island to another Washington Post commentator upset over the Presidents address to the US Navy.LOL Trump told the US navy "that there was never such a media campaign against a sitting US president!" Would that be the Washington Post owned by Jeff Bezos (Amazon owner) LOL Bezos who had the Posts associate editor assign 20 hacks to investigate Trump during the election.Bezos who owns military publications - Service, DCMilitary ED,com, DCMilitary and other armed forces periodicals and Cayman Ireland advocate.

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