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Prostitution in Italy became much more visible in the early 1990s with the increase of migration from Eastern Europe and Western Africa which had begun in the 1970s.The dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Yugoslav Wars, and new immigration policies (such as Legge Martelli of 1990) contributed to a rapid influx of sex workers in 1989-1990 originating from former Soviet bloc countries, giving rise to the colloquial term "Polish Girls" (ragazze polacche).What remained legal was street prostitution, or independent prostitution done by a prostitute in their own home.

While it was always possible to request a residency permit on humanitarian grounds, this was not well known or utilized by foreign sex workers.

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A further law (Legge Crispi), adopted on 29 March 1888, prohibited the selling of food and drinks, and parties, dances, and songs in brothels, and banned such establishments near places of worship, schools, and kindergartens.

It also provided that the shutters should always remain closed, which is the origin of the Italian expression "closed houses" (case chiuse).

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    But the Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that the benefit failed the RFRA test as to certain for-profit companies because the government had another alternative, the accommodation process, already built into the law.

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