Norton 360 not updating properly

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To do this, on your Windows Desktop click Start, then click Shutdown.Then select "Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode" and click the (Yes) button.Professional Natal Report DOS Version Loading Problems with Windows 95 1.Why does only master disk #1 load and the SETUP program never asks you to insert the subsequent installation disks?With Windows 95/98 active you'll only get a partial installation (master disks 2 and 3 do not load).

Then in the prompt labeled "Text vers." make sure you select "Screen Use Format." Finish up your input and choose "Start Computation" in the main menu to output the report.You can find the version number by clicking on 'Help' on the top drop down menu, and then on 'About Solar Fire' or 'About Program.' Get Solution 1: - Uninstall Solar Fire 8 - Deactivate the redirection: click on “restore default”.Solution 2: - Uninstall Solar Fire 8 - You want to keep the redirection so be sure to connect the device you are using for it when you install and use Solar Fire 8. How do I delete a chart from my Solar Spark chart file? Hit all the way down to Planet and Point Selection. Why does the option in Chartwheels II's Main Menu, "Go to Timegraphs" not work?To save your default selection highlight Write Out Defaults and press key, select the Options menu and then select Xtras. If necessary (i.e., if chart files are not in the C:\CH2 directory) select the File Path for Charts option in the Main Menu to reset the chart file path to the directory on your system where you're reading chart files from. Why do I get this error message: "You have a serious problem. With older versions of Chartwheels you will occasionally get this message after leaving the Utilities menu to go back to the main menu. Ignore the message and start up Chartwheels as usual. This will happen if your user name and serial number was not encrypted on your distribution disk in the executable file NVCH2. The way to go easily from one to the other of these two programs is to always start Timegraphs II first.This will display the conventional planets along with the additional asteroids and/or TNPs you selected. Why sometimes do the astrological glyphs in screen wheels become fuzzy? Note that this does not happen in last production version 1.4 of Chartwheels II. In Timegraphs II's main menu, to go back to Chartwheels, select the "Go to Calculation" option. Select Compute Disk Ephemeris in the main menu and calculate disk-based ephemerides for the years you need.

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