On dating the cool girl

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I heard women’s bodies evaluated and criticized in such excruciating minutiae, it affects the way I look at my body to this day.Once, I sat in a circle of men who were discussing another student, who probably could have modeled her way through law school.And so the cool girl thrives, often leaving a trail of regular girl bodies in her wake.And lest we think the pressure to be a cool girl in sports media is only felt by young women with nascent careers, consider established college football reporter Jeannine Edwards, who, five years after standing up to a colleague for calling her “Sweet Baby” while on the job, asked Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh why his team wasn’t getting to see more girls in bikinis while his team was in Florida for the Orange Bowl.Some are cool girls for career advancement, some are cool girls simply to survive.Either way, the cool girl is more accepted by fans than any other embodiment of woman in sports media.So ready to declare that Trump was welcome to grab their pussy?How can these women, many of whom spoke openly about their own experience with sexual harassment, be so nonchalant about voting for a man who behaves so boorishly around other women?

That was certainly true in my cool girl phase (or at least, I was under the impression that it was).I said nothing.“They want to appear ‘chill’ and not like those humorless feminists who don’t allow men to be men,” says Lalonde.“But underpinning it all is 1) internalized misogyny and 2) a desire for power by association.”Nair argues that the real issue lies in the evolution, or lack thereof, of feminism itself.The cool girl “gets it.” She doesn’t complain about casual misogyny or sexist jokes from the men in her life.She’s not “uptight.” She’d rather die than be called a “feminist.” She loves sports/gaming/hunting/beer/red meat/comics/dirty jokes/casual sex/giving blowjobs/wearing too-small sports jerseys.

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