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In three years, Kitten has not only grown into a sexual masochist eager to fulfill her Masters dreams, she actively searches for new ideas. His latest assignment is one of Vladimir Putins trusted aids.So when she sees a bold plan involving being suspended by her most private parts, she gladly lets him know. Luckily, she likes handsome men, especially when theyre naked, bound, and sexually tormented.Enjoy all your favorite parts -- breasts, girl bits, and man-meat -- in ways you never could have imagined with Deviant Dining. What starts romantically changes when he over powers her and ties her up.Once shes naked and helpless, he shows her hes anything but dull and treats her to sadistic sex and bondage that makes the burning summer sun seem tame.Shed lured men to her bed all her life; becoming a vampire just made it more fun.But she wasnt the only one with an agenda in the room.A flash of nipples was all it took to lure Carl into being tied naked across Rochelles bed.

The rich don't have to differentiate between morning sex and breakfast. As far as the paparazzi know, he likes his breakfast served over a naked partner's battered curves. And, while her tits may be topped with steaming pancakes and chilled fruit, he has no clue what other depraved things she has in mind once breakfast is served. But his reaction not only leaves her sexually battered and well-used, it turns her whole world upside down.Its been only weeks since Batman killed Joker, plenty of time for Harley Quinn to wage a war.When Batgirl comes up with a plan, Jokers girlfriend counters with a trap that leaves Barbara bound naked on a Gotham City rooftop. After showing others how to satisfy their dominant desires, she wants only to be submissive with a Master of her own.Her delight only grows when it comes time to try the risky BDSM scene, though she has to wonder if those private parts will still work when hes done. After months of covert information gathering and submissive CBT, Harrisons cover is blown.Thats when a new player steps in and ramps the CBT up into territory that not even Harrison is sure he can handle.

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