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There's no point in dwelling on something you can easily live without.

Online dating should be If you take it way too seriously, you’ll drive yourself insane.

After all, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants.

As the days passed and it became apparent that I would not see this person again, my extreme anxiety would turn to a deep hurt. I made an effort to touch my date at least five times. I met one in a supermarket and then one on the sidewalk and then one at the gym. My guiding question should have been: After realizing that, my dating game changed.

So many of them choke out the same question: wrong with me.

No matter how much you sit and think, “Eh, maybe there will be an attraction once we meet,” there probably won’t be.

You’ll end up being forced to sit through an uncomfortably long date, which will inevitably end with an awkward, ass-out hug. Women are more independent and badass than ever, and it’s totally okay for them to reach out first!

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