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Sure, people knock off a few years here or there and might use a picture that’s six months out of date, but, if someone has minimal information about themselves or one grainy picture be aware that they might not be who they say they are.

Leave a paper trail As tempting as it may be to rush into the first date before really getting to know each other online, gathering some basic information about your date is important.

If you’re new to online dating or just want to up your online dating safety game - here are the 8 online dating safety tips everyone should know.

Know who you’re talking to Whether it’s an app you’re on or a dating site, be aware of the amount of information on offer from the people you are chatting to.

Give them a little insight before you meet them too, by letting them know who you’re meeting and where you are planning to go - and don’t feel awkward about nipping to the loo on the date to give them a quick text updating them of your whereabouts.

If you reside in Caithness, you are very fortunate to live in one of the prettiest and most rugged locations in the UK but if you are currently looking to find an attractive, professional partner of standing, then maybe this very rural location is not the easiest of areas in which to find that perfect match.

So in Caithness or anywhere across the Scottish Highlands, we are extremely happy to help in your search.

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So if you feel that you also would like to meet potential partners in a totally discreet, highly confidential manner, with your personal data and photographs stored offline and with no one other than our Personal Matchmakers having access to it, then come and talk to us and let us talk you through the Searchmate difference.Founded in 1961, our glass paperweights have always been inspired by the beautiful colours of the Scottish landscape.From the purple heather to the blue lochs, we’re proud to spend our time crafting among this unique scenery.Designers at the factory from 1970's onwards include Colin Terris, Margot Thomson, Alastair Mac Intosh, Philip Chaplain and Helen Mac Donald. In 1991, Caithness was bought by Drambuie, and was sold to Royal Doulton in 1996.Caithness glass is now owned by Dartington Crystal, who took over in 2006.

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