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According to Mike Matan, vice president of Global Network Business for American Express, fighting fraud is an ongoing priority for American Express.In cases where various forms of grant aid, including the PTK award, constitute a sum that exceeds the total cost of tuition, fees and books, the PTK award will be scaled back to the amount which produces that total figure.The other reason this is counterproductive is that, for the most part, only librarians give a hoot about the LCCN in the first place.Books with LCCNs of a different year than the year in which they appear occur frequently and do not imply that the book is old.Later, I began to ponder to myself, if someone as big and smart as Google can overlook this, perhaps there's something wrong in doing it this way.

When I started at QBI in 1992, August was usually the month we started seeing copyrights dates for the next year.

A copyright date is used in cataloging only when no publication date is on the book.

Publishers have been post-dating publication dates and copyright dates for as long as they've been putting them in books.

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