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I had arrived home, late for me, and decided to go for a swim before going into the house.I slipped through the gate, being careful to not let the latch make a racket and removed all my clothing.

I swam silently for several minuets and was standing catching my breath in the shallow end of the pool when I heard the faint click the gate latch makes when closing.

I did manage to hang on to a small box of photographs, most taken before I ever met Lisa, and a couple of shoe boxes of audio tapes as well as most of the clothing from my closet and the underwear, socks and handkerchiefs from the dresser.

I glanced dejectedly at the back of the truck and noted the available room for other stuff-if there were any other stuff to take.

'Another good thing,' I thought, 'is the swimming pool and spa,' in the yard next to the house I would be living in.

'Won't be the same as when we were kids,' I thought as I neared the house, 'Ginny,' my older sister, and I sure did have some great times in that pool.' I grinned when I thought of the time when we sort of accidentally discovered what the other looked like without the protective cover of clothing.

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