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Miss Kodar, a film-maker who lived with Welles for more than 20 years and was his constant companion in his final years, insists that the director bequeathed her the rights to all of his unseen work.Miss Kodar, who now lives in Zagreb in Croatia, said: "Orson left me the rights to all of his unseen films in his will.She told the website Wellesnet.com: "From my perspective, for the past 29 years I protected 'Wind' like a lioness protects her cubs, as I have tried with everything else. "It seemed a travesty to me to allow the same thing to happen with 'Wind'." But Miss Welles said her mind was changed after a meeting with Royal Road Entertainment and Frank Marshall, a producer on The Other Side of the Wind who went on to produce the Indiana Jones and Bourne films.

When Welles died in 1985, at the age of 70, having failed to complete his work, it became mired in legal battles.Croatian actress Oja Kodar, 26 years his junior, became his lover for the final 24 years of his life but he never divorced Mori and often returned to her. He had a daughter from each marriage, although Hayworth’s daughter, Rebecca Welles, claimed that his mistress Dolores del Rio was actually “the great love of his life”.Welles also had an illegitimate son by actress Geraldine Fitzgerald.Welles based Hannaford on his friend Ernest Hemingway, and he was specifically inspired by a drunken fight he had with Hemingway in which the author threw a chair at him.Hannaford is played by John Huston, the actor and Oscar winning director of The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen.

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