Parents intimidating teachers

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Services provided under Part C of IDEA, the Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities program, serving ages birth to 3, must be provided in natural environments.

The IDEA regulations state: Although Part B requires that a child with a disability not be removed from the regular educational environment if the childs education can be achieved satisfactorily in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services, Part Bs LRE principle is intended to ensure that a child with a disability be served in a setting where the child can be educated successfully.These ratios represent both ends of the spectrum, with the one-to-one ratio representing the staffing for an individual with severe disabilities and the one-to-twelve representing the ratio for individuals who have mild disabilities or who participate in gifted and talented programs.Although NAPSEC programs are very diverse in the disabilities they serve and the services they provide, they all operate on this fundamental belief: to guarantee that each clients unique needs are met on an individual basis in order to achieve his/her maximum potential.The 2004 law amended this provision to recognize that there may be instances when a childs individualized family service plan cannot be implemented satisfactorily in the natural environment.In these instances, the childs parents and the other members of the individualized family service plan team will together make this determination and then identify the most appropriate setting in which early intervention services can be provided.

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