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They are giving us an exclusive opportunity to make a pitch of a marketing concept for their Nude Day Extravaganza festivities, and, if that works out, we may be contracted for all of their marketing needs. It's all about making a good impression and giving a smooth pitch.

It was a stylish conference room located just six stories from the top of a skyscraper and provided a panoramic view of the downtown.No one will be forced to go, but, if you volunteer, you need to be capable of showing a relaxed and confident demeanor without a stitch on. If there is anyone you see who you would be traumatized to see you naked, or to see naked, you shouldn't volunteer. Let me go on record as saying that I not only volunteer to go, but, if you have an odd number of ladies, I am willing to go co-ed with any one of them. you know, for the firm" Said a pitch man named Josh Fanton in a mock tone of sincerity with hand to chest in an attempt to conceal any hint of lecherousness.Think about it thoroughly because freaking out and staying in your room the whole time, or doing one of these numbers (she put one forearm across both her breasts, the other hand over her pubic region, while squatting and hunching to feign the action of embarrassedly covering up) is not an option. "In fact, it occurs to me that if we're all going to be nude the whole time, why even worry about whether rooms are segregated by gender?She always seemed to pull in enough accounts for them to keep paying the bills.It was evident to all that she was not just driven in business.

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