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of a webservice - the WSDL describes the FUNCTIONS of the web services (method calls).You cannot typically figure out the method calls from your data alone.The gossip outlet Cancan provided new spicy details regarding the scandal triggered by Pepe, who said he was disgusted by the act of a girl-fan from Timisoara.According to the story the girl stole the phone of Pepe’s nephew in order to set a meeting with the Latin lover.Getting back to the question I would answer the original question a little differently. I do not suggest that XSD is equivalent to WSDL, nor that an XSD is sufficient to produce a WSDL.I woudl say YES, it is possible to generate a WSDL file given a xsd file, in the same way it is possible to generate an omelette using eggs. I do say that it is possible , if by that phrase you mean "to generate a WSDL using an XSD file".I appointed someone to return it and get my mobile instead. However, why would I steal a phone worth 40 euros when my phone costs about 500 euros, ““Pepe was upset that I left him alone.

When I got to the car, I heard a foreign phone ringing in my purse and then I realized that it is not mine.

WSDL describes the endpoints, and the request and reply messages. We often think of WSDL as a set of functions, but this is because the web services tools typically generate client-side proxies that expose the WSDL operations as methods or function calls. XSD defines the elements that may be present in a compliant XML document.

Such a document may be exchanged as a message over a web service endpoint, but it need not be.

Besides the exclusive menu, the guests will be provided with the best possible drinks – among them, 500 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, which costs 160 euros each.

The party will end with a fireworks display, which will last 6 minutes.

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