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If you are following along in Project, revert back to the beginning where the ‘Training’ task has the Work resource and the Cost Resource assigned without any value.

If that’s confusing, alternatively you can create a new task ‘Training 2’ and assign a Work resource and a Cost resource to it In the “Task Usage” view, scroll to the resource in the ‘time-phased’ section.

This Microsoft Project plan will help you do just that.

Whenever a company launches a new system, it always follows with one or two dot releases to address urgent bugs and change requests.

Right click anywhere in the time-phased section and click on ‘Actual Cost’ which will appear as a new row and enter the cost in the appropriate cell.

We have many different calendar templates for Excel, but this calendar is particularly useful for project scheduling because it does not include any breaks between months.

Our gantt chart template is the most useful project management template that we offer.

Anything more complicated would probably require Microsoft Project or other project management software.

This section of the project plan template should provide a summarized framework of the project and its purpose.

Look back at the Project Charter for information to include in this section.

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