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Thye will eay anything that moves, crawls, slides, slithers, swims, ducks, dives, hops, jumps, flys, flaps, lumbers, limps, walks, wonders, meanders, flutters or falls into their hands.....even then those that not move are not safe.

While the trolled is busy trying to balance the coin to drop in the funnel, on his nose, pour a glass of cold water down the funnel. I've got a couple cats, too, but they're all animals, and I don't think it's right to give some of them a "Get out of stew" card and others a "GET IN MAH BELLEH" order: Asians.

Anonymous: She wants to take a huge straw or a siffin hose and suck all that hot black nigger cum out of my wore out ass i said if she will let me suck her cunt and asshole dry at the same time she said she would love that.

Most of us eurofags are OK and realize there's a few usafags who are not shitbat insane.

You are always welcome to smoke my euroweed while the idiots nuke each other. Anyway, Not all USians (hehe) are bad, but the majority seem panicky, naive, combative, persicutorial, and have an expectation of lifestyle that is entirely unrealistic.

The Internet was a joint invention by Amerifag AND Eurofag engineers being inspired by American fear of the soviets and network survivability. But you survived to use up everyone's resources and pollute the earth. You're just a big ole fuckin disaster on wheels, now ain't ya?????? I went through eight nurses, each of them swallowing a liter of my cum, before it finally went down and they could slide me out. have you seen any famous porn stars that arent circumcised? It's done on babies because jewsfags here would clearly remember that "before" was more enjoyable than "after".

Brits founded "The Western Way" and America perfected it. But basically, yeah, it's mutilation and many here are clearly too stupid to realize it; they would probably say it's part of manhood too if cutting off a finger on newborn was part of the tradition.

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