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Terminal and passenger concourse facilities may also be cramped and too physically constrained for needed future expansion to occur.While forecast airside capacity typically drives future terminal requirements, constructed facilities must be in balance with ground access capacities and capabilities that include not only parking and curb frontage but also accessibility to and from the airport.It consists of a ground access interface, a system of components for the processing of passengers and their baggage, and an aircraft or flight interface.It includes facilities and amenities for the processing of passengers and baggage; cargo handling; and airport administration, operations, and maintenance.There are two basic categories of passengers: business travelers and leisure travelers.

This chapter provides guidance in addressing the following categories of items involved when developing terminal building facilities: • Terminal planning and design considerations • Terminal concept development • Terminal facility requirements • Other building considerations VI.1 Terminal Planning and Design Considerations At the start of a terminal planning project, there are a number of key terminal planning considerations with ramifications for the terminal’s ultimate design that should be explored and discussed with the airport terminal sponsor and key stakeholders.While the goals of functionality and flexibility remain paramount, the planner must also consider ways of creating a building layout and environment that supports the highest levels of passenger service and facilities in balance with the size of the building envelope and available budget.Terminal building projects are a major investment commitment, both as a direct expense in terms of rates and charges and as an indirect cost if poorly planned and consequently under-utilized or expensive to operate.The considerations presented in this section will focus on the terminal building itself as compared to the more macro considerations such as land use compatibility, Airport Master Plan, ground access trans- portation, terminal site, environmental, and business planning strategies that have been pre- viously discussed in Chapter III.Specifically, this section will address the following terminal planning considerations: • Mission • Balance • Level of service • Passenger convenience • Flexibility • Security • Wayfinding and terminal signage • Accessibility • Maintenance VI.1.1 Mission The airport terminal is the major connection between the ground access system and the aircraft.

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