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They too would likely look to dump salary this winter if Stanton is in the cards.

What this may come down to is how much of Stanton's contract the Red Sox and Dodgers are willing to take on.

In terms of pure run prevention, this has been Sabathia’s best season since 2012.

It’s been coming on the back of weak contact more than overpowering stuff, as his strikeout rate is lower than it’s been since the start of his career in 2003.

70-62 (5.5 behind Red Sox) Red Sox 7, Yankees 8 Down.

The Red Sox would hear that and could bite the bullet and take on the full monty in response.

They would also like to trade infielders Dee Gordon and Martin Prado to help satisfy that goal." The Red Sox' interest in Stanton has been reported to be mild in recent days, but these things change quickly with Dave Dombrowski at the helm.

A trade for Chris Sale seemed like a pipe dream in the summer of 2016 and late into the fall of last year, but a deal wound up happening.

The key is simply getting him at his best for October, though that is obviously easier said than done.

The good news is he’s only made one start against the Yankees this year and he was great, tossing six scoreless innings on August 11, allowing only two hits and two walks with seven strikeouts.

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