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A request for the plugins screen would be ideal, since even if things break somewhere else, as long as the user can access the plugins screen they can still deactivate the plugin if needed.

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But when PHP actually loads it, then it doesn't complain. I'm still not a huge fan of deactivating a previously active plugin, but it is in line with the expected current behavior of the plugins editor at least. I am still investigating exactly what is going on there (it has to do with how the plugin is activated before the tests run), but after reviewing this change I think that in general it needs a lot more testing with various plugins.Basically, when that option is already set, the activation function assumes that the plugin has already been installed, and so it doesn't run some parts of the install routine (parts that it only needs to run on initial install and not on reactivation).As a result, those parts of the plugin are no longer activated by default.This should probably be tested with a variety of plugins to determine whether there is going to be many issues. After all, increasing the robustness of plugin activation in general wasn't the point of this ticket.I think if that is needed for some reason, it should be pursued in a separate ticket.

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